5 simple ways to renovate a rental

By Simone Leslie on Jun 19 2017

When you’re saving to buy your own apartment or make the leap into the property market, you’d be forgiven for having the odd pang of jealousy and longing to own the rental you’re in.

Thoughts like “I wish this were ours” or “if only we had a spare $800k” might regularly pop up, particularly if you’re renting somewhere quite lush.

Never fear – there are ways to own the space and put your individual flair and style on a rental, without signing your life away. With stores like the "House of K" (as we like to call it), there is an abundance of trendy homewares that allow you to update and own your space.

* Dress up an outdoor area. This can be very inexpensive and instantly gives you another space to spend time with family and friends, making your rental property feel larger.

* Both indoor and outdoor plants give an instant refresh and are cost-effective.

* Rugs are ideal for renters as they’re something you can easily take with you from home to home. The right rug is a great way to add visual interest and warmth to a space and will help you achieve a balance of hard and soft surfaces underfoot.

* Changing the blinds can help make the place feel like your own, even on a budget. The right blinds will also help you control light and privacy, while adding style.

* Light fittings are similar in that you can buy new ones to replace the existing and switch them back before you go. Just don’t try and do this works yourself, you’ll absolutely need to use a qualified electrician if the change means disconnecting wires. If you’re just changing a shade here or there though you’re pretty safely in DIY territory.