Styling to Sell

By Simone Leslie on May 05 2017

Without a doubt styling offers a fantastic return on investment for vendors. Great styling takes a property to the next level and helps to create strong emotional attachment that otherwise wouldn't be there if it were empty or filled with the wrong furniture.  

Right now we’re loving a softer palette of sea-foam greens, muted pinks, grey infected lilacs, and quiet greys that work well in our interiors. These hushed tones are perfect for creating a warm, calm and soothing home.  

Tips - Bedroom
For an instant update to the bedroom invest in fresh quality linen and accent cushions. Layer in multiple Euro, standard and accent cushions in a similar palette for a plush and inviting look. Compliment with a throw or two at the bottom of the bed along with a floor rug for extra oomph. Matching bedside tables and lamps accentuate the look. Adding an artwork or bedhead in similar tones will take the look to the next level. 
Tips - Living Room
Use a floor rug to create a defined zone and anchor sofa and armchairs onto rug so they aren’t ‘floating’ about. Bring in side tables and coffee tables and dress them with books and accessories. Tie cushions and artworks together by selecting similar tones for a cohesive look. The addition of greenery is always great to freshen things up, add some life and improve air quality. We love bringing the outdoors in and vice versa. Just pop them in a basket and put them through your home for the finishing touch.