5 secrets to your most organised wardrobe ever

5 secrets to your most organised wardrobe ever

By Simone Leslie on Apr 06 2017

Do you often find yourself complaining ‘I have nothing to wear’ even though your closet is overflowing? Are you embarrassed by your jumbled, chock-a-block clothes closet? Well it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you’re over wading through piles of clothing clutter, it may be high time to take steps towards your most organised closet ever.

Here are five secrets to decluttering and creating a functional wardrobe that will put a smile on your dial as you get ready in the morning in next to no time.

Clear out

The best first step towards an organised closet is to start with a blank slate to see how much space you have to work with. Empty out shelves, hangers, drawers and overhead storage to take stock of your clothes. If there’s anything you haven’t worn for over a year or if there are ill-fitting or damaged items consider selling, throwing away or donating them to charity.

Divide & conquer

Bring in drawer and shelf dividers to organise all the little things you use every day that can get easily muddled and messy. Think how much quicker you’ll be able to find items and get ready in the morning if your jewellery, socks, underwear, scarves, gloves, belts, sunglasses and wallets are in their own special accessible compartments.

Look up & down

Make sure you use all available space to organise your closet. Keep seasonal and infrequently used clothing on the top shelves in plastic storage containers, baskets or vacuum sealed bags to protect them from dust and bugs. Take advantage of the empty space below hanging items to sort and store shoes on a rack or in a stylish shoe cabinet.

Space savers

There are a number of ways to save space in a wardrobe. Invest in slimline hangers and a second hanging rod to maximise hanging space for tops, jackets and pants. Also, add hooks to the inside of your closet doors to keep small accessories within plain sight but tidily tucked out of the way. Replace a bulky closet laundry basket or hamper with a compact laundry trolley on wheels, which handily you can store shoes below and easily wheel out on laundry day.

Little extras

If you’re finding your tiny closet just isn’t cutting it consider bringing in extra support. Try adding wall hooks, a coat rack,storage boxes, hanging door organisers, a freestanding wardrobe or drawer unit into your bedroom to ease the squeeze in your main wardrobe.

The last thing you need to do to keep your wardrobe looking good is to get into the habit of returning everything to its special spot after use. Otherwise you'll have to start all over again a few months down the track.